Ære Sensation

Price point

Our vibrator is a world-class pleasure tool. We are considered a premium product. One of our major focuses was making sure we didn't cost as much as our competitors who, on average, cost $60.

At Ære, we were able to produce an even more premium product for our customers for only $38, while still donating to all of our charitable partners.

product features


What's it made of?

Most people don't know this, but the sex toy industry is an extremely unregulated industry when it comes to health restrictions. At Ære, we wanted to make sure we were providing our customers with the safest product possible, that's why we sourced a 100% silicone vibrator, that didn't contain the dangerous chemical phtalate (almost all other brands have this chemical on their products).

  • What is phtalate?
    • A chemical rubber softener
    • FDA classified as: "probable human carcinogen"
    • Exposure to this chemical can cause cancer
    • Evidence shows that phtalates interfere with sperm production
    • California passed a toxic toy ban bill on this chemical


what makes it so SENSATIONAL?


  • Vibe 1: Strong and Steady Wins the Race
  • Vibe 2: The Milky Way - Rocking Your Galaxy
  • Vibe 3: Turrrrrbulance
  • Vibe 4: The Sprinkler
  • Vibe 5: Pick Up The Pace
  • Vibe 6: Buckle Up
  • Vibe 7: Don't Rock the Boat
  • Vibe 8: Pressure's On
  • Vibe 9: The Climax
  • Vibe 10: Wavy Baby


  • Velvety Soft Touch
  • Irritation Free Feel


  • USB Charger Included
  • Charge in as little as 30 minutes


  • Easy to use travel lock function
  • Don't worry, it won't vibrate in your bag at Thanksgiving dinner ;)


  • Please see product manual for details

how do we donate?

We wanted to come up with a fun, new way to donate to charity. One that made you feel like you were getting something for your generosity.

  • We Supply the Vibrator
  • 10% of Your Purchase is Donated to Charity
  • Now that's a vibe everyone can get behind

A very special thanks to Jared Chambers for providing the beautiful photography featured in this template.